CooperMedia provides high-quality editorial, copywriting and editing services for online publications, newspapers, magazines and companies. We check the facts and commit to filing an interesting story every time. We can deliver:

  • Magazine and newspaper articles. We contribute to a broad range of publications on topics ranging from management, property trends and entrepreneurship to the latest employment, aged care and travel news.
  • Blogs. Most websites need them, but they can be a hassle to keep generating. We write clear, engaging blogs for a range of small and large businesses.
  • Web copy. We can create fresh copy or tweak existing copy for use on your website.
  • Advertising copy. We develop concepts and content to showcase business brands.
  • Brochures. A professional brochure or newsletter is an essential sales tool for many businesses. Clean writing and concise editing will paint your company in a good light.
  • Press releases. Get across your message successfully to the media.
  • Text for your annual report. It is tough enough at the end of the financial year to deal with corporate governance demands without also having to worry about the dramas of writing an annual report. Our writers can alleviate your stress.
  • Rewriting and editing services. Our experienced sub-editors can check and fine-tune editorial products such as brochures, newsletters and annual reports to ensure they are accurate and interesting.
  • Presentations. We can create engaging material for your big speech.
  • Ghost writing. Do you have a book in mind? Let us bring it to life for you, as we have done for a number of clients.
  • Twitter and LinkedIn copy. We can deliver regular content for your social media platforms.